Japan Ice Hotels the World's Coolest Hotels

Japan is full of the bizarre things, from their fashion style, their street dance, weird parade and also the oldest hotels in the world. so how about talk another weird and bizarre hotels in japan?? we got an ice hotels in japan

The world's coolest hotels in japan was located in Tomamu's Ice Village in Shimukappu town on northern island of hokkaido. The hotel where dining room, bed room and bath room are made out of ice, charges 8000 yen ($255) per person per night and provides dinner served on an ice plate. a little expensive fot us huh?? but if we compare it with the atlantis hotels and burj al arab hotels this Ice Hotels in Shimukappu town it's really affordable

In the previous post we also post about the bizarre wedding on ice chapel. and also the ice hotels.

In this coolest hotels almost all the service used an icebar. like the cocktail from an ice glass at the ice bar, and also the dinner on an ice plate

Want to see the looks of Japan Ice Hotels the World's Coolest Hotels?? check the picture after the jump.

How about to travel to the Japan ice Hotels??

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