Luxury Amphibi Bus in Dubai

We know that dubai is the wealthiest country in the world. they made all the luxury things in their country. such as the atlantis hotel, burj al arab hotel, and even for the luxurious airport.

now we will take you to see another luxurious vehicle in dubai. this is a luxury amphibi bus. like we said in our previous post about the amphibbi bus. The bus which was first made in Malta, Europe, is considered a luxury bus. But depending on the model, there is a standard model. this amphibi vehicle has many features such as Standard equipment LCD screens, DVD players, luggage, toilet, air conditioning and heaters, Complete safety equipment such as medical kits, life jackets, Quality Euro standard engine-powered jet 5. The rate of speed can reach 20 knots on the water and 70 mph on land

So do you want to see the luxury interior of this amphibi bus?? check this out

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