Eat 66 Hotdogs in 12 Minutes | World Fastest Hotdogs Eater | Fastest Hot Dogs Eating Contest

The International Hot Dog Eating Competition was held in New York USA. Joey Chestnut (23) from USA come out as a winner of this weird competition beats the previous year winner Takeru Kobayashi from japan. Takeru Kobayashi held the title as the world fastest hot dogs eater for six years. and now Joey Chestnut beats him and get the title.

The last Record of Takeru Kobayashi was happen in the Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest. in the last year Joey Chestnut was in the second place, he ate 52 Hot Dogs.

Joey was the one and only american guy who won the hot dog eating competition fot the last 6 years. Joey also break the world record for eat 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes.

The Winner of this competition was decided from how much hot dogs has he/she eats.

This is really insane.. how can this guy eat up 66 hot dogs for only 12 minutes?? how can he do that?? damn.. he's really fast eater..

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