Weird and Bizarre Wedding Gown | Paper Wedding Gown

We have talked many things about marriage and the bizarre wedding ceremony before in the world must be crazy. now how about talk another weird and bizarre things related to the wedding gown?? if most people uses an expensive cloth as their wedding gown material, this lady choose a paper as her wedding gown material.

According to New Life daily, the Chinese woman named Sha Sha wears a paper wedding gown. this paper wedding gown was made from her Wedding Dress Designer friends Zhu Zhu.

Sha Sha and Zhu Zhu has work together for 12 years in Kunming Advertising Agent in Yunnan Province China. Zhu Zhu said "When Sha Sha met her soulmate, i will made her a special gifts"

"as a Wedding Dress Designer, i was bored when looks to a usual wedding dress made from .. so why don't we use paper as the wedding gown material?" Zhu Zhu said. it needs half a month to made this special wedding dress for her friends Sha Sha.

These Gown was made from paper and has the silver ornament to make it more bright under the sun light.

Sha Sha went to his wedding, a local hotel, with six bridesmaids holding her dress, decorated with paper lilies in the tail ..
"I felt very grand, and beautiful. This dress is super comfortable to wear," says the bride.

While the groom named Li, said that if his wife looked beautiful with the dress. He said, "We are very pleased with the dress - but I did not dare touch it lest my eyes wet with tears,"

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