Amazing Bat Limo | The Dark Knight Limo

Everyone should be familiar with these car. a bat mobile is batman's supercar, several months ago we also give you the real batmobile by leif garvin It took Leif Garvin more than 3.5 years, 20,000 hours of work, and 1 million US dollars to convert a 1973 Lincoln Continental into a Batmobile.

Now forget about that batmobile replica, now we have another great modifications of this dark knight supercar. actually i don't know who modify this car into a cool luxurious batlimo.

The Dark Knight’s limo was spotted on the streets of New York, but strangely enough, he wasn’t the one driving it. Sadly, apart from the fact that its started out as a normal limousine (probably a Corvette C4), the photos and video below, there isn’t much info on the awesome Bat-limo.

Here's the Video of this amazing Bat Limo

Watch the Video Directly from Youtube

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