The Reason Why do Woman likes to Crop Their Picture

Usually many woman in the social networking sites like myspace,facebook or even friendster gives their best photo as their primary photo. sometimes the primary photo of them was a cropped photo which only shows their face.

Do you know what is the reason of that?? why do woman likes to crop their picture?? for example you can see the picture in the left. isn't she cute??

but don't you ever trust a woman who placed a picture like this in the social networking sites. because mostly woman who uses a social networking sites use this trick to get many friends online. why do i said that?? well in my experience the picture like that is not their real picture.

Remember the surprise before meet net friends?? maybe this is a great warning for you who uses a social networking sites to get a woman. want to see the real picture of the girls in the left??

Here we go...

See.. that's why she crop her picture..

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