Suparwono The Tallest man in Indonesia

Have you ever heard his name before?? he was suparwono another giant from Indonesia. several days ago the guiness world of record measure his height. Suparwono claims that he is the tallest man in the world today with 272cm before, However, after measuring Suparwono in both a lying and a standing position, the museum found that the 25-year-old was just 7ft 11in – two inches shorter than Kosen.

Even suparwono failed to be the world tallest man in the history he is still got the title as the tallest man in the Indonesia. congratulations for Suparwono as the tallest man in Indonesia

This makes him the tallest man in Indonesia, but does not qualify him for the Guinness Book of World Records.

"We had reports this morning including the result of measurements from a hospital which were 2.71 metres,” said museum director Ngadri. “But we have to stick to our measurement.”

Suparwono, who comes from the village of Tri Tunggal Jaya on the island of Sumatra, was first identified as a world record holder when a relative invited neighbours to take pictures of him.

He lives with his parents and earns money doing odd jobs around the village. He eats almost seven pounds of rice and 15 eggs a day.

“I started to realise my exceptional height when I was 10 years old,” he said. “At that time, I was already the tallest at my school and in my village.”

Suharto said he felt “proud” of his height, but added: “It also gives me problems because I can't live like normal people.”

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