World Oldest Stuntman Xiao Qinglian | The Oldest Stuntman Ever

Remember about the 91 years old plastic man from china which posted on crazy world several weeks ago?? His name is Xiao Qinglian. Xiao Qinglian was known as the oldest stuntman in the world. With his age now he still can do what the most teenagers can't do. that was the result of his training for 27 years.

He can do a handstand with his legs above his shoulder, like the picture in the left. i thinks that's cool. he can do that pose in his old days. how if he still young?? he really has an elastic body.

what he manages to do is not that easy to repeat for many young people. Xiao Qinglian is a vegetarian, with his healthy life style and intense training he can do that stunts in 91 years old. Salute to this Chinese old man who is known as the world oldest stuntman ever

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