Rose is the Queen of all Flowers

Have you ever heard the quotes like "say it with flowers" usually when a man want to propose her lovely girls. they will use flower to say it. like one couple in china who uses 9.999 flowers to propose his lover. really sweet huh?? and do you know what flower did he use to propose?? he uses rose.

rose was also known as the queen of all flowers, you know the word rose was often used in a love poem to show the love and beauty, not only in a poem. but also in a song like "bed of roses". so i can say that if rose is the queen of all flowers. it usually described as love flower. because rose has a beauty appearance and beautiful color. rose itself have several colors, such as pink rose, red rose, white rose and multicolor rose

Each color of rose has their own meaning. like the red rose it has the meaning like "I Love You" so that's why so many wise man said "say it with red rose to represent your love.

So how to pick the best quality rose? well you have to ask the reputable flower company about the tips to choose the rose. but one tips for you is.. don't hold the rose too tight.

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