Asian Hairstyles for Girls

Entering the year 2011, the Asian hairstyles for girls is famous for its cute and sweet, also the balance between the firm and light it. The hair styles that can be as an alternative if you want to travel and attend the official events.

Japanese hairstyles for long hair

Japanese hairstyles for long hair made ​​thick and straight, while the bottom is made Wavy hair to give an impressive light movement. Currently the trend in Japan, many movements and short-cut hair. The trend is almost similar to There is a trend that created sharp tip of her hair, there are also perming.

For hair color is still dominant in the copper color. But in Europe, try the basic trend of bright colors, while the highlight was actually dark. In Asia, estimates there will be a trend of staining with the 3-dimensional, meaning that the colors used more than 2, no longer just one color on the hair.

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