World's Most pierced Woman Elaine Davidson Wedding

World's Most Pierced Woman - Elaine Davidson was known as the world's most pierced woman with more than 7,000 metal piercings covering all of her body. this human pin cushion elaine davidson was marrying Douglas Watson, who doesn’t have any visible piercings at all, to marry her. The 42-year-old former nurse was dressed in a classic white wedding dress that covered all of her body, except the face which was painted green and covered with 192 piercings. In case you’re wondering, no, she didn’t scare off the minister.

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Brazilian-born Davidson first broke the record for most piercings in 2000, when Guinness examined her body and found 462 piercings, including 192 on her face. She’s come a long way since then and the last count revealed she now sports 6,925 piercings, weighing around three kilograms. Believe it or not, she never takes off any of her piercings.

Elaine Davidson said that the total of her pierced was weighing more than 3 kilos. wow how come she carry that weight everyday? She also insists there is no pain involved in the piercing, and that she sleeps every night with every piercing still in place. Here's the pictures of Elaine Davidson and Douglas Watson on their wedding ceremony.

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