Handmade Rolls Royce Phantom

rolls royce phantom

Handmade Rolls Royce Phantom, A man named Ruslan Moukanov from Kazakhshtan has made an amazing car modification, he made a fake rolls royce phantom from his old Mercedes. At a first glance we think that this was the original rolls royce phantom but the truth is that was the customized mercedes, Rolls Royce Phantom was known as one of the most luxurious car, read our previous post about Rolls Royce Phantom Showroom.

There's two choices that you can take if you want to own this Luxury Rolls royce phantom, first you have to work hard and save up your money until you can buy it, or you can made it with your hands like Ruslan Moukanov do.

Few Years ago, Ruslan see the pictures of Rolls Royce phantom and then he fell in love with the design of that car, but he knows that he can't afford to buy the original rolls royce phantom, So he designed and built his own car mod kit, then used his considerable skills to transform his old car into the his dream car. See also another amazing car modification Ferrari F430 made from Toyota Corolla.

Well this guy has a marvelous car modification skills, he can made a Fake Rolls Royce Phantam with his own hand. It was told that the modifications cost was very cheap, not including the time Moukanov spent on the project or the original Mercedes. The end result is one of the most thoroughly impressive custom car jobs we’ve ever seen. Here's the Picture of this Hand Made Rolls Royce Phantom By Ruslan Moukanov.

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