Pirate of Caribbean Home Theater Themes

The super fans of Pirate of Caribbean movies from Palm Beach Florida made his own home made theater with the themes of the Pirates of caribbean movies. He spends about $2,5 Million to made his own home theater. There's so many bizarre things that people can do to express their hobby like this guy. before this we also have posted about the guy who made the Biggest Home Aquarium on his House.

The concept of this Pirate of Caribbean Home Theater also featured as the Best Theater of the month on Elitehometheaterseating.com. If you want to make your own hometheatre and need an idea then why don't you visit those site.

The theater seating, ticket booth,tavern views and all of the elements of this Pirate of Caribbean Home theatre themes was really cool, it feels like we're on the pirate ship. The entrance to the Florida theater will be a cross between a 17th century drinking hole for the Most Wanted of the High Seas, and a box office. The gas lanterns, embossed double doors, and hand-painted ceiling canvases simulate a stormy Caribbean sky even though the theater is completely indoors. It would be perfect if you also wears a pirate costume on this theater.

Here's the Rendering of his Pirate of Caribbean home theater. The construction of this building was still on process. Isn't it really cool? Well i wonder if i can make my Own home theater themes for my favorite movies.

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