World's Smallest 3D Full HD Screen by Ortus Technology

Do you know about the smallest 3D Full HD Display on the world today? It was made by Ortus Technology. this 4.8 Inch 3D Full HD Screen now was recognized as the world's tiniest 3D Full HD Screen on the market It was smaller than the screen size of the new apple iPad 2 or many tablet PC. But even the size is small this HD Screen by Ortus Technology are defining resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Many of HD Screen Manufacture made a big Full HD Screen with a 3D technology but it seems that only Ortus Technology who made the opposite product. hmmm I think i can't enjoy watching my favorite HD films in this Screen since it's really small.

Coming to the 3D side of affairs, they have used a circular polarizing film called Xpol (developed by Arisawa Manufacturing), which conveniently contributes to an advanced system in which the vertical resolution is halved. According to the company:

We expect this technology will be utilized in the monitors of commercial 3D cameras. It could be used to check 3D images immediately after taking them. We haven’t set a date for the market launch, but we could start production in the near future, depending on demand from customers.

Curious about this smallest HD Screen? Check out the Video Below.

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