Fanbrella a Bizarre Umbrella from Thanko

Have you seen An Umbrella with Integrated fan? Thanko a Japanese company made this bizarre stuff. an umbrella with fan called fanbrella. Usually people use an umbrella on a rainy day. but some people would use an umbrella if the weather is hot. As we know thanko has made numerous of Bizarre products such as this Small DSLR Camera, Thanko Mame cam and also the LCD Monitor Hub Station and now they made a Fanbrella. Fanbrella as its name is an umbrella that has been equipped with a fan in it so that when you use it at the time of heat could provide a little taste of cool.

Concerning of that condition, thanko made a breakthrough with this Fanbrella. an Umbrella with a fan. you can turn the fan on/off with the switch. How about the price of this Fanbrella? on Thanko site it was told that this products will be sold for 3,980 Yen or about $47.

Here's the Video of this Fanbrella by Thanko.

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