Some Hair Care Tips:

For many women with oily hair, waking up late could be the thing that sucks because it makes us no time to shampoo. As a result, hair became limp and greasy throughout the day. Do not worry, we have the solution.

1. Use baby powder, Sprinkle baby powder on top of his head, at the most oily scalp. Take a few moments for the oil absorbed by the powder, then comb hair as usual.

2. Create a style,Pull all hair back, and pigtails. Spray shiny serum to make hair look shiny. In this way, people will think you are deliberately slick hair style and neat, not because no time to wash hair.

3. Wash bangs, There was no enough time to wash the hair in the shower? Wash her ​​bangs alone. The part that most will look greasy when your daily activities is the bangs. So a time to wash the front of the hair. Did not take long to dry, and hair will look like new shampoo.

4. Cut comb, With a comb, oil on the scalp will be distributed to all parts of the hair. For those of you who have dry hair, there's nothing wrong often comb. But if your hair is oily, sisiran enough to straighten hair only. Avoid combing by hand because it will contaminate the hair and make hair more greasy.

5. Oil control paper, You may have often used oil or oil paper paper control to reduce excess oil on skin. But it turns out this paper can also be used on the scalp to absorb oil content causes limp hair.

6. Avoid hats, Many people who cover the hair limp and greasy with how to wear a hat. Though it actually will make the scalp more oily. If you cover it with a hat, make sure you are not going to be in place or situation that requires you to open the cap.

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