Transformer Guy from American Idol - Drew Beaumier

There's so many way to attract people attention in American Idol events, beside a beautiful voice you can try to wearing a unique costume and make up to grab people attention. this guy Drew Beaumier attract people attention by using a self made transformer costume.

Drew Beaumier a 25-year-old guy is a gizmo freak and spends a lot of time inventing new things. Beaumier is now in the news for developing a fully functional Transformers outfit (see image above). Beaumier’s love for Hollywood’s blockbuster Transformers was revealed when he appeared on singing-based reality show American Idol, but we never thought that this love would inspire him to create a geeky Transformers costume.

Beaumier started working on developing the costume few years back after watching an advertisement for a Power Wheels car. The Californian knew that he would have to design the one-of-a-kind costume using resources available at his disposal so he used only a box of tools, glue and spare parts from Walmart to come up with a product which is super cool. Drew used the spare parts of a second hand toy car and fixed them in his suit. After seeing the image, you must be thinking that Drew must have spent months designing it but the geeky inventor finished the masterpiece in just eight weeks. And yes, he did not work in a sci-fi laboratory, instead he designed the suit in his own garage.

Drew attached wheels to both his hands and legs to pose as a Transformer by simply standing up. Beside this, Drew can become a car and go vrooming around the street if he likes.

Here's the Video of this Transformer Guy Drew Beaumier.

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