Playseat F1 Racing Simulator

How does it feel behind the F1 Steering Wheel? It seems there's so many people have a dream to become the F1 Racer. Here's a new simulator seat from Playseat that will help you experience the feel behind the F1 Steering Wheel.

Playseat F1 race simulator game is a new product from Playseat, a specialist company that makes special seating for the game.

As the name implies, this simulator game chair will make the game more real, With F1 Like designed chair and all the equipment that used on the F1 Car Racing. It seems that this Playseat F1 Race Simulator is better than this Ferrari Online Simulator.

there is also a sponsor of Red Bull which is attached on the side. This simulator game chair promise you will be able to feel the same way as when you sit in a Formula 1 racing cars, including the slope of the bench and position of the steering wheel and pedals are also identical.

For all the greatness that is offered, Playseat F1 race simulator game will be sold at $ 1,300

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