How to do a Maid of Honor Hairstyle

How to do a Maid of Honor HairstyleWedding hair style is almost as important as the dress. A bridesmaid hairstyles should complement the bride, and be beautiful, but it should not outshine the bride we do. Sometimes, bridesmaid hair style very similar to the bride. Curls always create an elegant, romantic hair styles for weddings.

How to do a Maid of Honor HairstyleStart with a clean, dry hair, without any styling products, and separating the front of the hair - almost like a pony.

Pull the remaining hair into a ponytail, use gel or mousse on the hair laying against the head. Spray the hair with hair spray to hold.

How to do a Maid of Honor HairstyleThe explosion left parts of the horse's tail on one side. Add your styling products to frame the face with hair, down slightly on the forehead. Pin hair behind the ears and spray on the spot.

Put some styling product in a small section of hair from the ponytail and curl up in tight curls with a curling iron. Repeat this step until all the hair from the ponytail has curvy.

How to do a Maid of Honor HairstyleSoft loop a few curls and pin them to the head using a regular clasp. Allow a few short curls hang naturally from these horses.
How to do a Maid of Honor HairstyleBeautify hair style with decorative pin with a little crystal beads, or pearls to match your wedding dress. Stick them on top (in front) the horse's tail.

How to do a Maid of Honor HairstyleHard to spray the entire hairstyle with hairspray, strong hold long-lasting.

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