Mad Rad Emo Hair Trends 2010

Mad Rad Emo Hair Trends 2010

Emo Hairstyles Blog presents Mad Rad Emo Hair

Within the realm of emo styles there exists a lot of diversity. This is because the goal of the emo culture is individual expression. Consequently, there are many hairstyles that can be considered emo. One of the boldest types of emo ‘dos are those described as “mad rad emo hair.”

Mad Rad Emo Hair Trends 2010 Edition

Mad rad hair is defined mostly by its color. Unlike many emo hairstyles, which are dyed black, mad rad ‘dos feature bright, bold colors. Usually, the colors chosen are bright pinks and reds. They can be added in streaks or the entire head may be dyed a single shade. One popular option is to style hair into spikes and dye only the spiked tips.

Emo Hairstyles Spring Summer 2010 Edition

Similarly, only the underside of a person’s hair may be dyed. This creates an intriguing contrast when hair is left long and down. Ultimately, there are no real rules for creating amad rad emo ‘do. All it takes is some flashy hair dyes and creativity. The goal of mad rad emo hair is to make people look twice.

It is a means of individual expression that shows the lively personality of an individual through his or her hairstyle. Additionally,mad rad hair helps take the emphasis off emo youths whose dark colored hair gives the stereotype that emo kids are depressed and have only dark thoughts.

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