Spring 2010 Hair

The real definition of short hair would imply chin length tresses or shorter. Some examples of the hottest short hairstyles are the pixie, crop and ever famous bob. Anything reaching to the shoulders and slightly beyond would fall into the medium hairstyle category. When it comes to a woman with short hair, she is incredibly lucky if a short hairstyle suits her. Why? Because not every face can pull it off. The size and shape of a face and body plays an enormous part in ones hairstyle and let’s face it, the shorter the hair, the more to expose.
pulld off successfully, short hair is clean, sharp, mature and extremely sexy on many women, not to mention liberating! Many women have been known to carry their posture better, hold their heads up higher and pay more attention to their attire since they don’t have their hair to hide under. It’s not as forgiving as longer hairstyles on bad hair days as it can’t simply be put up in an updo and forgotten about. More frequently than long hair, short hair is often cut with a particular style in mind rather than a long hairs monthly trim. This means that a short hairstyle may save you time with a shorter hair routine but might be more of a challenge to maintain once the style begins to grow out. One will never be out of hair ideas with short hairstyle possibility as short hairstyle pictures can be found on nearly every famous female celebrity at one time or another and of course on the internet and fashion magazines.