Shower with Aquarium | Ocean Inspired Bathroom

Ocean Inspired Bathroom, This Shower with an Aquarium might be perfect for those fish lover such as this man who has the biggest indoor aquarium. With this Bathroom Design, you can still see the beauty of the fish and underwater world while you take a bath.

This Shower With a built in Aquarium was designed by Giulio Gianturco and Mario Tessarollo - the shower features light, translucent-glass walls that let light permeate the enclosure while offering privacy. Embedded in the shower wall, an illuminated aquarium makes a stunning bathroom focal point which can be enjoyed from inside the shower, or out! This contemporary, customizable shower wall can also be designed with a greenhouse, a shelf, a TV – whatever you envision your bathroom to be. You can also add a wall mounted aquarium outside your shower room to add more underwater feels to your bathroom,

It's really a cool designed that inspired from an ocean live. Here's more picture of this Shower With Aquarium

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